Here Comes The Sunset (1CD)

A selected compilation from Jose Padilla to pay tribute to the wonderful western Ibiza coast sunsets. 

Enter this journey in musical landscapes. Jose surely has the key to unlocking hidden interesting soundtracks.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
Tangerine Thurmi Prem Joshua 7:12
Son’s Lament Smokey Bandits 6:03
Mi Condena Blundetto & Chico Man 4:05
Wildness Coyote 7:12
Remake Blue Pilots Project 3:25
Erin Ilya Santana 6:42
Casaradio Various Artists 7:12
Del Boca Vista Worst Friends 5:09
Basic Vox (feat. Hard Ton) Bostro Pesopeo 6:02
Violet Morning Moon Bubble Club 6:02
Urban Legend Chris Nemmo 6:00
A Quiet Conversation Bliss 6:10


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