House Masters MK (2cd)

The influence of Marc Kinchen on the modern day world of dance music is impossible to quantify and is still keenly felt nearly two decades after he began his career. Responsible for creating some of the defining sounds, production techniques and biggest tracks of the early house era. This is an unparalleled collection of his trademark remixes & original productions featuring no less than nine tracks never before available digitally.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Burning (Vibe Mix)  Mk  5:49
 Can You Feel it (Mk Dubby Dub)  Chez Damier  5:31
 Always  Mk Feat. Alana  8:02
 Given (Mk Dub)  4th Measure Men  7:20
 Higher (Mk Vocal Dub)  New Girl Posse  7:00
 Use Me (Mk Dub)  R Tyme  6:49
  I Want to Thank You (Mk Dub)  Latrece  8:12
 You Brought Me Love  Mk  6:08
 Sun Will Shine (Mk Dub)  Studio Apartment Feat. Yasmeen Sulieman  6:16
 The Need (Mk’s Original Mix)  4th Measure Men  7:48
Title Performer / Composer Time
 4 You  4th Measure Men  6:11
 The Colour of Love (Mk Deep Dub)  The Reese Project  6:37
 I Can’t Get No Sleep (Mk Dub Mix)  Masters at Work Feat. India  5:31
 Love Changes  Mk Feat. Alana  07:53
 Say Anything (Mk Deep Dub)  Fabulon  7:05
 I Never Knew Love (Mk Club Mix)  Chez Damier  7:17
 New Thang (Mk Dub)  The Sleepwalkers  5:53
 Rhythm of Life (Mk 12 Mix)  Captain Hollywood  7:38
 Boy (Mk Deep Dub)  K.E.L.S.E.Y.    —

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