The House of Soul Vol. 2 2015 (2CD)

Funky, deep soul, house, psychedelic rock, gospel and a hint of blues meet delightfully in The House of Soul Volume 2 and the vocals of Pruess, Pepe Dougan, Zaida, Chiana, Nadine, Uncle Pauly, the percussions of Pakito Baeza and the great collaboration of Bohemia Ibiza Gospel. They play a variety of styles ranging from Mediterranean fusion to Afro-Latin. Starting with “WhatsApp in Ibiza”, the original album will make you sing, dance or clap in your hands in time to the music and the catchy rhythms.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 WhatsApp from Ibiza  Pepe Dougan, Pruess & Chiana  5:45
 No Way  Pepe Dougan & Nadine  5:49
 Take It Easy  Pruess & Chiana  5:49
 Is It true  Pepe Dougan & Chiana  6:28
 So much more  Pruess, Chiana & Uncle Pauly  4:15
 Up to Now  Pruess & Zaida Sound  5:04
 The true of us  Pepe Dougan & Chiana  5:31
 Hello  Pruess & Pepe Dougan  4:43
 Everybody is dancing (Dub Jazz mix  Pepe Dougan, Pruess &Zaida Sound  6:25
 I’m warning you (Remix)  Pepe Dougan, Pruess & Zaida Sound  4:20
 Losing the control  Pruess, Zaida Sound & Looper  4:19
Title Performer / Composer
 Give me one reason Pruess feat. The Bohemia Ibiza Gospel
 It will be in other life Viana
 Could it be right DGN
 Tired of waiting DGN
 We bring it back to you Pruess & Viana
 Your Love DJ La TOuche
 Ibiza Juan Soul feat. Diaburah Ibrahim & Lady Saba
 Dreamy Emy
 A little something Pruess & DGN
 Underground Pruess
 Birdland (Original Mix) DGN

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