Ibiza 2011 Live And Direct (4CD)

Music from the Ibiza Clubs in Live for the dancers and the clubbers to remember their incredible nights on the island. Listen to Don’t be Afraid, Alive, Sweet Sensation, The Days to Come, Something on Your Mind…


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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)  MYNC, Ron Carroll & Dan Castro  7:37
 Punto Com (Original Mix)  DJ PP & Festa Bros  7:02
 Angry Bird (Original Mix)  Lunde Bros.  6:15
 Back In the Race (Paul Strive Remix)  Umek & Beltek  6:05
 Detroit Bounce (Original Mix)  Chuckie  4:20
 A Miracle In Melbourne (Original Mix)  MYNC, Christian Luke & Coco Star  6:33
 Move (Club Mix)  Inpetto  6:32
 Thank You (MYNC Exclusive Edit)  Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa  6:44
 Reach for the Stars (Dan Castro Remix)  DJ Jeroenski & Jorn  8:35
 Push It (Original Mix)  Block & Crown  5:46
 Feel Your Body (Original Mix)  Greg Stainer, Darko De Jan & Marga Sol  7:28
 Life (Original Mix)  Etienne Ozborne & King Richard  5:47
 Discomain (Original Mix)  David Herrero  7:40
 Let It Out (Original Mix)  NO_ID  6:40
 Something On Your Mind (MYNC Remix) MYNC  7:08
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Sweet Sensation (Club Mix)  Etienne Ozborne  6:52
 Alive (Original Mix)  Ben DJ  8:28
 Buhstyle (Original Mix)  Stefano Noferini  6:16
 Stop the Pressure (Original Mix)  Emma  8:00
 Who Am I  Patrick M & Andretta  7:15
 Make Me Say Oh (Original Mix)  CeCe Peniston & Ron Carroll  5:52
 Unleash My Love (Dan Castro Remix)  John De Sohn & Nick Wall  8:30
 Dirty Beat (Original Mix)  Lunde Bros.  6:37
 Cuban Queen (Original Mix)  Gonzalez & Gonzalo  8:03
 Heavy Mental (Original Mix)  Junior Sanchez  6:38
 Madame Web  Umek & Beltek  6:40
 Keizer (Original Mix)  Firebeatz, Josh Newson & Jay Ronko  7:05
 Phyliss (Original Mix)  Jewel Kid  7:31
 Funky (Original Mix)  DJ Wady  6:53
 Raw Heat (Original Mix)  Modaal & Arbre Blass  6:33
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Manos Arriba (Paul Strive Remix)  Real El Canario  6:09
 Your Body (Original Mix)  Sebjak  6:27
 Smiling Faces (Riley & Durrant Remix)  Backyard Orchestra  6:34
 The Cove (Instrumental)  Dan Castro  7:27
 Warum Nisht! (Original Mix)  Kurd Maverick  6:52
 I Want You (Bar9 Remix)  Paul Harris & Eurythmics  5:45
 Shut Up & Let It Go (Bar9 Remix)  Sidney Samson  6:27
 Jaws (Original Mix)  Gregori Klosman  5:30
 Move It 2 the Drum (Promise Land Remix)  Chuckie & Hardwell  8:44
 Scrambled (Original Mix)  Filth, Splendour & Alex Hutch  8:47
 In Out (Original Mix)  Diavlo  6:28
 Cheesemaker  Mikalogic  7:10
 Baby Be Mine (Original Mix)  Luca M  6:33
 Chemistry (Original Mix)  Simone Tavazzi  7:53
 Back to Back (Original Mix)  MYNC & Wally Lopez  6:06
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Habanero (Original Mix)  Simone Tavazzi  7:09
 Needin U (DJ Wady Ibiza Mix)  Mark Brown, Adam Shaw & The Face  6:53
 I Feel Love (Avicii’s Forgotten Remix)  Rhythm Masters & MYNC  7:13
 That Ibiza Track (Vocal Mix)  Mitomi Tokoto  7:53
 Last Forever (Original Vocal Mix)  Norman Doray & Tristan Garner  7:05
 The Mistress (Dan Castro Remix)  Ben DJ & TT Orchestra  7:12
 Woz Not Woz (Club Mix)  Eric Prydz & Steve Angello  7:06
 Love So Strong  Damian Wilson & Darren Crook  6:25
 Morena (Original Mix)  Mendo  7:54
 I Want You (Forever)  Carl Cox & Yousef  6:48
 Hulk (Original Mix)  DJ Wady & Patrick M  7:17
 Droppin Kisses (Herve Club Mix)  DJ Sneak & Herve  5:11
 Back Once Again (Renegade Master 2010)  DJ Jeroenski  5:28
 Play House (Original Mix)  Alex Niggemann & SuperLounge  6:57

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