Ibiza Beats Chill Vol. 7

Ibiza Beats Vol. 7 will surely reach the Top following the steps of its predecessor volume 6. From the very beginning, Saba Rock & Sandy Cay let you rock with Twist & Turns while Krystian Shek kicks you off starting the second album with Too much thinking.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Twist & Turns  Saba Rock & Sandy Cay  5:10
 Move Closer  Mystic Diversions  4:40
 Nothing to Lose (Thievery Corp.remix)  Isabelle Antena  2:56
 Starsoul  Lazy Hammock  6:50
 Crazy  Rhod feat.Mika  4:20
 Awakening  Vargo (original chorus mix)  4:35
 A Million Years  Perfect Project  3:33
 On a journey  Marc Hartman  6:30
 Caravan  Kusuma Orchestra  5:38
 Stuck in a dream  SoulAvenue  4:10
 Dub in ya mind (beach club mix)  Afterlife  5:14
 Bring the Sun feat.Danny  Marc Hartman  5:50
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Too much thinking  Krystian Shek  3:20
 Absolutely Captivating  DJ Riquo & DJ Bertrum  5:20
 You make me feel so good  Collected Sound Members  4:57
 In My Pocket  Sol Electrico  6:25
 Chilly’s Mood  Marc Hartman  5:07
 Say Hello  Mo’Jardo  5:20
 Mindwalk  Alex Cortiz  5:00
 You light my mind  Lazy Hammock  6:57
 Walk with me  Lazygrooves  5:10
 Lifestyle  Collective Sound Members  4:50
 Light my Fire (chillout version)  Black Mighty Orchestra  4:00
 Silver Lining  Alex Cortiz  5:20

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