Ibiza Beats Chill Vol. 11 (2CD)

Ibiza Beats Vol 11 Sunset Chill and Beach Lounge is a unique collection of new and exclusive chillout titles from various European DJs and producers.

CD1 is full of jazzy music and downtempo starting with “Jazzalike” and “Amore and More” by Marco Moli. Followed by Vanilla Sky in a chill and jazz atmosphere as we like it and Under My Skin by DJ Deviance, and come Skyscraping and Feel Like Making Love by Eugene Mc.Daniels featuring the soft vocals and lyrics of Anne Chris.  The highlight surely is You Broke My Heart composed by Samuel Pineau, the masterpiece of Sambox accompanied by a beautiful voice.

CD2 more versed on Lounge music starts with “Walk On By” by B. Bacharach-Hal David with vocals by Anne Chris. “C’era Una Volta” composed and performed by Alex Cortiz, You’ll Never Know by Marc Hartman, “Travel In Your Dreams” remixed by Marco Moli, “Midnight Glances” by Alex Cortix, “Heavenly Bliss” vocals and lyrics by Anne Chris. Exception (Remix) by Weber & Weber, written by Marc Hartman. “Love At Sunset” by Solanos, written by Sura Q and Don Gorda. “Valentine (Please Stay) by DJ Deviance, Rogers & Hart, Vocals by Anne Chris, “Warm Sand by Kaxamalka and Sura Q, “Bossa Linda” by Marco Moli and “You’re Beautiful” by Sambox, composed by Samuel Pineau.

For more than 10 years a proven concept at home and abroad. Time to chill with the tastiest chill & lounge music to feel like you are relaxing on one of the famous Ibiza beaches.





Title Performer / Composer
 Jazzalike  Marc Hartman
 Amore and More  Marco Moli
 Vanilla Sky  DJ Deviance
 Skyscraping  Anne Chris
 Under my Skin  DJ Deviance
 Feel like making Love  Anne Chris
 Quite Voice  Voice – Eulenspiegel
 Going South  Marco Moli
 You broke my heart  Sambox
 Night Porter  Marco Moli
 Quimera  Quimera
 Villa Margot  Sambox
Title Performer / Composer
 Walk on By  Anne Chris
 C’era una Volta  Alex Cortiz
 You’ll never know  Marc Hartman
 Travel in your dreams(remix)  Marco Moli
 Midnight Glances  Alex Cortiz
 Heavenly Bliss  Anne Chris
 Exception (remix)  Weber & Weber
 Love at Sunset  Solanos
 Valentine (please stay)  DJ Deviance
 Warm Sand  Kaxamalka
 Bossa Linda  Marco Moli
 You’re beautiful  Sambox

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