Ibiza Beats Chill Vol. 9 (2CD)

A stunning new 24 tracks compilation of Ibiza Beats Vol 9 filled with lots of great new chillout beauty’s. The Ibiza Beats ‘Sunset Chill & Beach Lounge’ compilations are a worldwide standard for all chillout lovers. This chill and lounge edition includes an exeptional new version of famous J.J.Cale’s hit song ‘After Midnight’, now performed by Uk singer Lauren Kaycee from Ibiza.
Enjoy the sensual grooves of ‘Brazilian Nights’ by Van, the opener on CD 1, first time on a physical cd. Also brand-new instrumental tracks by famous house & chillout producer/DJ Christian Hornbostel.
And the last but not the least ‘Ti Amo’ by famous Jaydee, exclusively produced for Ibiza Beats vol 9! This smooth track has a high ‘Plastic Dreams’ feel.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Brazilian Air  Van  5:20
 My spirit  Jeaf Gills  3:50
 Libre  DJ Estefan  4:20
 My Eyes Won’t You  Michael Arthur Koner  3.14
 Vacuity  Gilbert jan  5:00
 Ai Entao  Monica Da Silva  3:05
 Citylights  Marc Hartman  4:05
 In Your Eyes  Clelia Felix  3:20
 Kaxamalka  Approching Lido  5:25
 Igualmente  Logophilia  5:36
 Evening Smiles  Aqua Mundi  6:15
 Ti Amo  Jaydee  5:30
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Where No One Can Hear You  Openzone Bar  4:38
 After Midnight  Lauren Kaycee  4:20
 Night Flavour  Aqua Mundi  6.24
 Sea Of Fate  Schwarz & Funk  5:23
 Disillusion Of A Dream  Source  4:00
 South River  Aqua Mundi  5:58
 I’m Burning  Marco Moli  4:58
 It’s Your Time  Evidence  4:12
 Here Comes The Sun  Lauren Kaycee  4:10
 Careless  Rawback  5:28
 Stay With Me  Marc Hartman  3:45
 Subliming  Afterlife  5:59

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