Ibiza Deep Connection Vol. 3 (1CD)

Continuing their serie of Deep House releases, Solar Sides Aka Tomi del Castillo & Esteban Lucci are back on track with this new Album “Ibiza Deep Connection”

Deep house tight sounds & basslines, combined with powerful beats. If you want to get the floor moving, this is a party starter.

A smooth, stylish and deep release produced in the legendary island of Ibiza.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Ouverture  Solar Sides  7:06
 Take my Soul  Solar Sides  6:11
 Super 8  Solar Sides  5:26
 The Engineer  Solar Sides  7:14
 Sophisticated  Solar Sides  5:40
 Love the Music  Solar Sides  7:04
 Disco Down  Solar Sides  5:34
 UV Light  Solar Sides  5:06
 Tomorrow Night  Solar Sides  4:09
 Interactive  Solar Sides  5:36

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