Jockey Club Salinas Ibiza 11 (3CD)

With the collaboration of three famous DJs, Jockey Club Sessions 11 could only be a great event. Here are the very exceptional 3 albums surrounding you in a relaxing spatial dimension from Chill Out and House going to Trance: Breakfast Mix by Gelka , Lunch Mix by Bic Mic, and Cocktail Mix by Lorenzo Al Dino. You definitely must have it in your collection.





Title Performer / Composer
 Mend  Elsiane
 Backstreet Blues  Marcel
 The Brightest Things  Frederic Robinson ft. Melanie Robinson
 Guidance  Synkro & Indigo
 Alpenbalkon  Jean F. Cochois
 Icicles and Snowflakes  Inch-Time
 The Unknown  Dextro
 Stay Forever  Catching Flies
 Exit Anywhere  Plej
 Recurring  Bonobo
 Danced With Wolves  Fly
 Have You Kept Your Ticket  Gelka
Title Performer / Composer
 Birth  Suey
 Big Nicks  Boozoo Bajou
 VQ  DJ Day
 Twin Peaks  Alice Russel
 Change  DJ Mitsu The Beats
 Tall Black Guy  The Dark Streets
 Naja Haje (Omaggio a Don Cherry)  Mop Mop
 The Perfect Blues  Jesse Boykins III & Melo-X
 Can’t Turn Around  The Foreign Exchange ft. Gwen Bunn
 Vacances  Souleance
 Mind Open  Titeknots
 Jazz Carnival  Think Twice Production & David Ryshpan
 Preacher Man  Watch TV & The Primetimes
Title Performer / Composer
 Gold (Original)  Flashbaxx
 Ferns  Bearight ft. Jubilee
 Aphrodiziac (Get Wet Edit)  Andy Slate ft. Kenny Gino
 Creamy Days (Moti Brother Remix)  Deep FM ft. Baghira
 When It Looks Like Life (James Johnson)  Bescheerer & Szenasi
 Gil’s Big Packet (The Cheapers Remix)  Jules & Moss
 Higuita (The Disclosure Project Remix)  Fathead Johnson
 The New Black (Euphonik & Stern Remix)  Sachrias & Aslak
 Inhale Deeply (Original)  Spennu
 Ear Snack (Andy Slate Remix)  Jose Vizcaino
 The Guitar Man (Original)  Weiss (UK)
 Titán (Tecknoise Dub Mix)  Hobbes!

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Weight 160 g