Jockey Club Salinas Ibiza 7 (2cd)

Lorenzo al Dino's & Lemongrass philosophy is to bring to you lounge and the best of deep house. This compilation serie are founded in 2003 at a time of the emergence of the new generation of a relaxing scene. Jockey Club Sessions became synonyms for playing intelligent music. With a premier line-up of Star DJ's incl. Lorenzo al Dino, Joan Ribas, Nati and more….. We are proud to bring you into the Summer of 2010 with a superior selection of beach burners.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Sunny (Original Mix)  Mark Oakland  4:46
 The Trick (Original Mix)  Northbound  5:07
 Jazz Lady (Original Mix)  Kiwi Twist  3:15
 Paris Denim (Original Mix)  Malkou  4:02
 Bit By Bit (Original Mix)  Beach Hoppers  5:47
 Shape Of Sense (Original Mix)  Faro  6:03
 Tagomago (Original Mix)  The Sura Quintet  5:14
 The Drop-Out Bossa (Original Mix)  Glam Sam And His Combo  3:45
 La Vida feat. Catalina Bello (Original Mix)  Deep FM  5:26
 “45”25’51.94 N 12″20’05.74 E”  T2’n  4:13
 Painted Room (Original Mix)  Karen Gibson Roc  4:14
 New Beautiful Life (Original Mix)  Newton  4:44
 Taste Of Fear (Lemongrass Full Moon Mix)  Wawa  3:39
Title Performer / Composer Time
 What If I (Original Mix)  Dawn Sessions  7:02
 Thank You For Giving Me Your Love  Mirage Of Deep  8:26
 You Are My Sunshine (Original Mix)  Takt  7:39
 Dans La Musique (Ibiza Air Remix)  Redlounge Orchestra  6:17
 Don’t You (Audio Reboot’s North India)  LouLou Players, Kolombo  7:02
 A New Day feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner  Chopstick, Johnjon 11:21
 Funky Little Dots feat. Jennifer Perryman  Face, Castillo  7:21
 Origin Of NationsOriginal Mix  David Crops  7:55
 Khawuleza feat. Vusa Mkhaya  Jeremiah  6:19
 Breathe In The Air (Sax Mix)  Deep Josh, Lorenzo al Dino  5:59
 Talking About House feat. Karl Frierson  Gregor Wagner  8:30
 The Cha Cha (Original)  Alex Barattini  6:28
 Secret Imagination feat. Marija De Silva  Karl Moestl, Partyk LeBlanc  6:07
 Call The BossPeckos ‘Play’ Remix  Jay West  7:18

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