Keep Out Ibiza 2 (2CD)

Keep Out Recordings returns to Ibiza with a sensational compilation for summer 2017. Entrusted to the stubborn hands of KRYN, compiling 20 tracks from the internationally renowned labels. The collection travels on a Tech-House rhythm, sounds that characterize Ibiza. The release is in double cd and digital which include two extra tracks. KEEP OUT IBIZA release party will be May 30th at Club 107 Marina Botafoch with KRYN, subsequently every tuesday guests.

Electronic ideas and perfect blend of heavy riffs with impressive vocal presentation – that’s what really makes this band shine out in the sea of young newcomer bands. Coming from a relatively small country where they have already left impressive marks with their energetic and powerful performances at numerous festivals, Kryn have established their reputation as a competent and promising band and are considered as one of the leaders of a modern, heavy sound.

Featuring & Partners: Alfonso Leon & Philippe Liard, Artslaves, Bimas, Dany Cohiba, Francisco Allendes, Javi Parra, Jose De Divina, Gmc, LNZT, LOPAZZ, Casio Casino, Marco Latrach, Mariano Santos, Mario Bianco, My Favorite Robot, Mr Deka, Monica Kruse, Nuff, Lekno, Horatio,KRYN, Peter Corvaia, Simina Grigoriu, Savino, Tali Freaks, Thallullah, Stephane Ghenacia, William Medagli, Terminal M, Moan Recordings, Miniatures, Kuukou Records, Santos Recordings, Leuchtturm Records, My Favorite Robot Records, Natural Rhythm, She’s Super, Rezongar Music, Ibiza Global Radio, Allergen Ibiza,





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Four to 4 (Original Mix)  Artslaves  6:57
 Manifesto (Original Mix)  My Favorite Robot 10:11
 Believe (Original Mix)  Horatio 6:11
 Requiem (Kryn Remix)  Javi Parra Kryn  6:43
 Ninja Princess (Original Mix)  Simina Grigoriu 7:13
 96 Degrees (Original Mix)  Marco Latrach  7:25
 Backstorm (Original Mix)  Savino, William Medagli, Thallulah  6:57
 Essence (Alfonso Leon & Philippe Liard Remix)  Kryn 7:36
 Intelligent Society (Original Mix)  Mariano Santos 7:12
 Come Back (Original Mix)  LNZT  6:22
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Summer Drops (Original Mix)  Monika Kruse  8:11
 Corrupt (Artslaves Remix)  Francisco Allendes, Bimas  6:55
 Dilate Your Heart (Jose De Divina & Gmc Remix)  Peter Corvaia Jose De Divina 8:32
 Essence (Stephane Ghenacia Remix)  Kryn  6:38
 How to Know House (Tali Freaks Remix)  Dany Cohiba  6:05
 Bringing Back Meteora (Original Mix)  Mr Deka  6:57
 Nothing More (Extended Dub Mix)  Kryn 7:05
 Asharay (Original Mix)  Mario Bianco  8:27
 Como (Original Mix)  Nuff, Lekno 6:37
 Maybe I’m Crazy (Lopazz & Casio Casino Remix)  Kryn Ft Sista Gio  7:52

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Weight 110 g