Keep Out ibiza (1CD)

Lekno chooses to feature KRYN in most of the compilation, starting with his Remix ‘Rihannon’ by Roberta Green and taking up featuring Sista Gio ‘May Be I’m Crazy’ in William Medagli Remix’, you can immediately feel that you are entering in the new musical experience of KRYN who is well known to generate different sound from street sound recordings to live modulation recordings of effect and synthesizers. The compilation extends with KRYN famous song ‘Hey Berlin’ however Lekno chose Frazer Campbell Remix innovative version before going on with ‘Hysteria’ KRYN original mix.

Bhoo, Red Pig Flower & Theo Komp complete this perfect selection with their respective sound tracks ‘A Greek In Capri’ (Stradivarius Remix) and Nervous Venue (John Kat Remix). And we are back with KRYN ‘Heathrow T5’ before Lekno presents his house performance ‘I Am One Of Them’ before ‘Nano Technologie’ KRYN Remix by Peter Cruch and ‘Kinetix’ Mario Bianco Remix by Tali Freaks to finally ends the compilation with ‘Druid’.





Title Performer / Composer
 Rihannon (Kryn Remix)  Roberta Green
 May Be I’m razy (William Medagli Remix)  Kryn feat. Sista Gio
 Hey Berlin (Frazer Campbell Remix)  Kryn
 Hysteria  Kryn
 A Greek in Capri (Stradivarius Remix)  Bhoo
 Nervous Venue (John Kat Remix)  Red Pig Flower & Theo Komp
 Heathrow T5  Kryn
 Essence  Kryn & Krugen
 I Am One Of Them  Lekno
 Nano Technologie (Kryn Remix)  Peter Cruch
 Never Go Down  Kryn
 Kinetix (Mario Bianco Remix)  Tali Freaks
 Druid (Mario Bianco Remix)  Kryn

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