La Nuit Vol. 1 (2CD)

When Jen meets Kieser Velten, poetry meets electronic music, and undoubtedly we’re talking of the track “Together” on the last album La nuit mixed by Dj Jondal. The second track “Smooth” is a collaboration between Santana and Rob Thomas of the rock group Matchbox Twenty.  It gives a very special mixture of latin rock you may like or not, but go on listening to the second album with the beautiful easy listening song of Janeiro, “Mystic Diversions”, “Breathing” by Christophe Goze and much more.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Together  Kieser Velten w/JEN
 Smooth  Smooth
 Long Life To You My Friend  Bliss
 Walk on The Wild Side  DJ Disse
 No One In This World  Neobe, Adani & Wolf
 Brazilian Flair  Living Room
 Glass Reflections (Hadi Teherani-Mix)  Mel T. Waters
 Trail Of Dawn (Varano`s Hotel Of Dawn)  Slow Train Soul
 Time For Love  Roberto Sol
 Space Funk  Miss Luna
 Good  Pat Appleton feat. Tchando
 Belle Journée Pure  Isis Guy Chambers & Sophie Hunter
 Eternal Now  Mathieu & Florzinho
Title Performer / Composer
 Janeiro  Mystic Diversions feat. Nadine Renee
 Breathing  Christophe Goze
 Listen Up  Ocean Deep feat. Rhonda Bellamy
 Him & Her  Aural Float
 What A Family  Langoth
 I`ll Be There (70s Delight Version)  Seductive Souls
 Day vs. Night  Solar Chrome
 Live And Let Die  Luke
 Under My Sensi (Les Demon Flowers)  Boozoo Bajou
 Clive the Runner  Bobby Hughes Combination
 Hold Me  Water & Fay Lovsky
 Si Vous Voulez  Chris Le Blanc feat. Paris Bizarre
 Island  Joker Juice
 Malibu Marina  Monte La Rue

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