La Nuit Vol. 2 (2CD)

La Nuit Vol. 2 is a Limited Ibiza Edition. The second album of rare lounge grooves from Cala Jondal Beach meets the clubbers expectations. Dj Jondal has compiled famous soundtracks, starting with ” Ocean Shores” featuring Sunset Blvd Kids Chorus, and including the much loved classic from Henri Vanda “Walking In The Rain” remixed by Dj Pippi without forgetting The Silicon Funk with their successful “It’s About Love”.  This is a very special Edition you need to put in your collection waiting for the albums to come.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Ocean Shores  Sunset Blvd  4:53
 Exodus (Taking It Easy)  Oka  5:50
 Wake Up Darling  Le Garde  3:49
 Temptation & Seduction  Jen meets Can 7  4:29
 Muestra del Zodiaco  Dahrheim Lounge  4:54
 Take Me Inside  Afterlife Feat. Dannii Minogue  4:19
 Hi Honey  Christophe Goze  4:38
 Walker  Deep-Dive-Corp.  6:58
 Evening Flow  Green Empathy  3:24
 Sueño de Amor  Chris Le Blanc & Roberto Sol  4:59
 Make My Day  Waldeck  2:45
 Silent Surveyor  Hattler  4:10
 Recalling the Rising Sun  Sweet Velvet  6:17
Title Performer / Composer Time
 My Cats  Moba Sound  7:07
 G-Zone  Olaf Gutbrod  4:40
 The Crest of the Wave  Show-B  6:20
 It’s About Love  The Silicon Funk  5:35
 Late at Night  Lucky Loop  5:20
 Walking in the Rain  DJ Pippi vs. Stefano Mango  5:50
 Into My Dream  Chris Le Blanc Feat. Miss Luna  4:34
 Twist in My Sobriety  Les Adams Feat. Alexis  5:54
 124 Filters  P.M. FM  6:01
 It’s Not Over  Client  8:00
 Identical One  Jeff Bennett  5:49
 Fly  Nikos Diamantopoulos  4:47

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