La Torre ibiza V4 2022


La Torre Ibiza Vol 4 Ibiza. Mark Barrott and Pete Gooding present the fourth volume of their stellar collection series, showcasing the sounds of sunset at Hostal La Torre in Ibiza. Sets, sequences, of music designed to celebrate the passing of another day and welcome the pleasures of the night, while the Sun gives way to Sister Moon.This time around, the ceremony kicks off with a gift from the Golden Girls, a side project of Phil Hartnoll of Orbital fame. In its original form, Kinetic was a staple of early ’90s trance, here, however, it has been remixed by David Morley into something much more in line with Belgian R&S label’s ambient offshoot, Apollo. Virtually no groove, but with a big, billowing bottom end, it now looks like something from the Tangerine Dream back catalogue. A serene and slightly kosmische wall of sonically brilliant sound. Room-shaking riffs are reduced to echoes, while percussion speeds up. When the familiar hook finally appears, it is accompanied by spirit-stirring symphonic strings, inducing fierce flashbacks to heights of quality and newly expanded minds and horizons. Man, I can remember the wonder, before everything became pear-shaped.





Title Performer / Composer
Kinetic (David Morley Remix) Golden Girls
Ui Yia UIa NO ZU
Bala Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba feat. Zoumana Tereta
Storm Rare Silk
Zebra Synergetic Voice Orchestra
Family Doggo Special Request
Hard To Leave The Island Margaret Wakeley
Equatorial Sunrise Pauline Anna Strom
Warehouse Rock (Timmy Stewart’s Six Minutes to Sunrise Mix) The Vendetta Suite
Travelling Music (La Torre Reprise) Mark Barrott
Cloud Sky Fade Lola Perrin
The Eighth Wave Suzanne Ciani
Phoenix JIM
Her Name on Every Tongue Geoffrey O’Connor
Estrellita.  John Foxx & Robin Guthrie