La Torre Ibiza Volumen Dos (1CD)


From the start you know that you are under the sun at the pool or at least in a happy place in Ibiza or on summer holidays in the south listening to beautiful songs and enjoying an original musical selection. It begins early with the two first tracks of the compilation: “On Retinae” by Dip In The Pool and “Tema Perl Malva” with Ishi Vu before entering in the colourful world of Malian wassoulou traditional songs of Oumou Sangaré performing “Diya Gneba” accompanied by the typical calabash. Those first are followed by one of the Fuga Ronto collection “L’uomo Inivisbile”. The voices of The Duritti Column in “Otis” are a perfect continuity in this African variety followed by Lord Of The Isles beautiful instrumental “Expansions”.

A chill out latin musical theme by Kimo and The Guys featuring “Kona Winds” performed by Marvin Franklin is a relaxing sequel interlude before “Clocking Off” set the ball rolling followed by Australian Tornado Wallace dance rhythm “Today” featuring Sui When. Vangelis appears in this suite with the legendary Chariots of Fire soundtrack “Abraham’s Theme” that the 80’s generation will remember with emotion.

Flutes, voice, african percussion will take you in a traditional native atmosphere with Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru “By The Round lagoon”. And Mark Barrott steps up appearing on the scene with “What About Now? (Storm Clouds Over Cap Negret). This incredible musical landscape ends marvellously with Blue Gas performing “Shadows From Nowhere” and Eric Serra “Learning Time”. So the total compilation was stunning and you want more. Play it twice!

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Title Performer / Composer
 On Retinae (East)  Dip In The Pool
 Tema Pero Malva  Ishi Vu
 Diya Gneba  Oumou Sangaré
 L’uomo Invisibile  Fuga Ronto
 Otis  The Duritti Column
 Expansions  Lord Of The Isles
 Kona Winds (With Kimo And The Guys)  Marvin Frankllin
 Secret Doctrine Ft. Stefano Di Carlo  The True Underground Sound Of Rome
 Clocking Off  (Don’t Ask)
 Today Ft. Sui Zhen  Tornado Wallace
 Abraham’s Theme  Vangelis
 Finding  Pitto
 By The Round Lagoon  Dario Domingues & Tupac Amaru
 Midnight Cowboy  John Barry
 What About Now? (Storm Clouds Over Cap Negret)  Mark Barrott
 Shadows From Nowhere  Blue Gas
 Learning Time  Eric Serra

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