Las tardes en Ibiza Chill Music Vol. 7 (1CD)

In Las Tardes en Ibiza Volume 7, Victor Nebot whose dedication and experience for the dance floor definitely recognized performed not only the original Balearic Beat and Chill Out, but a real lounge atmosphere pushing you to enter the dance and get off the couch at the  start with the original mix of ‘Go That Deep’, a beautiful and sublime piece of music, a heart-breaking song with emotional lyrics and an extraordinary interpretation from Shara, a soul singer with a voice from heaven; dark and touching.

Followed by Cosyland, Stuck in a Dream,  Holding Back The Years (Only on physical CD), Une Histoire d’amour, The Beavers Lesson, Asunder (Only on physical CD), Decisión, Both Sides, Linha do Horizonte, Distancia del Mar, The Sweetest Taboo, Love Machine, Man O To…

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Title Performer / Composer Time
Go That Deep Nufrequency Feat. Shara Nelson 6:52
Cosyland Laid Back 4:23
Stuck in a Dream Clelia Felix 4:11
Holding Back The Years Daynea Deacon 4:51
I Follow Rivers Triggerfinger 3:35
Une Histoire d’Amoure Gabin Feat. Josef Fargier 3:56
The Beaver’s Lesson Bajka 4:49
Asunder Stee Downes 5:45
Decisión Jorge Luteca 3:48
Both Sides Mr Day 4:47
Linha do horizonte Azymuth 4:22
Distancia del mar Almadrava 5:11
The Sweetest Taboo Simona 5:28
Love Machine Louie Austen 5:25
Man o To Nu 9:34


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