“Le café abstrait Vol. 10 – Deluxe Edition” is a philosophy of lifestyle: relaxed and culturally open-minded. It was Le café abstrait and its mastermind, Raphaël Marionneau, who pioneered chill-out culture at Hamburg’s Mojo club.

Its spirit still lives on today in various cultural and musical projects in spaces like concert halls, lounges, cinemas, beach clubs, hotels and festivals. Even Hamburg’s planetarium hosts a regular abstrait event, where Raphaël and world renown guests hypnotize the audience with an intergalactic multimedia-show.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 L’Océan Café  Sambox  5:17
 Undersea  Alex Picciafuochi  4:44
 About Ocean’s Morning  Igchu by Mis Beseos  5:52
 Island Breath  Al Rea  2:59
 Silverrain  Philippe Legrand  4:42
 Es cavallet  Carlos Cervilla  5:12
 The Change  Soulcraft  4:59
 Klangsine (feat. Sine)  Klangstein  5:15
 Flores  Der Waldläufer  5:09
 Goodbye  Anthony Island  3:57
 Night Wind  Gold Lounge  5:53
 Emphasis  Julien Auclair  4:50
 Desire  Polished Chrome  5:46
 Earthlight  Stardelay  3:01
 Black Sands  Bonobo  6:48
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Monolake  Monolake  6:30
 Immersion  Eskadet  7:44
 Legends (Slow Motion Mix)  Solee  6:57
 Floods  James Murray  6:50
 Life Is Beautiful (New Version)  A Reminiscent Drive  4:40
 One World (feat. Federica)  Lenny Ibizarre  3:33
 Galaxy Sandpaper  ID3  3:38
 Love in Times of Receptition  Asonat  5:06
 Parallels (The Album Leaf Remix)  Bob Holroyd  4:51
 Thermostellar  Animat  3:53
 I Miss You  Digital Rain  7:32
 White Flash  Parisian  3:49
 Ciel ouvert  Der Waldläufer  5:42
 Cyan  Dim Line  4:04
 Iceblink  Pass Into Silence  5:08
Title Performer / Composer Time
We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, for the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year  A Winged Victory For The Sullen  6:14
 Echoes  Fragments  3:15
 Near Light  Ólafur Arnalds  3:28
 Week #6  Fabrizio Paterlini  3:45
 Children  Lowland  4:07
 Avedon  Sven Weiseman  3:46
 Herbstballade  Malino  3:15
 Sylt  Marcel Lichter  3:06
 Hands (Solo Piano Version)  Marcus Loeber  4:41
 Eizh  Didier Squlban  4:30
 Vem du än är (Whoever You Are)  Ann-Helena Schlüter  4:45
 Dedication Loyalty  Nils Frahm  3:07
 Raein  Ólafur Arnalds  3:02
 Lucy’s Dream  Ralf Hildenbeutel  2:09
 Said and Done  Nils Frahm  3:11
 …Like Raindrops On a Lake  Ralf Hildenbeutel  4:07
 A Chapter in History  Bliss  2:06
 Tuesday  Marcus Loeber 3:45

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