Luxury Lounge Ibiza Two (1CD)

Luxury Lounge Ibiza Session Two goes out of the essence of lounge music and balearic sound of Ibiza island. “Reseña Positiva” denotes a chill house genre that we retrieve in lounge bar deepest time while “Ballet or Sauna” remains in the easy listening retro mood. This augurs a varied selection with groovy and spacy soundtracks and some rare vocals.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Reseña Positiva  Berkstroem & Guardner  3:34
 Ballet or Sauna (You & Me Rework)  Espresso del Lago  4:16
 Interlude #1  Ror-Shak  2:04
 Breeze  Mike Ease  4:50
 Destiny’s Thoughts  Guardner  3:44
 Around, Arrived (Album Mix)  Chris Zippel  6:57
 Deepster  Attic Tree  5:19
 Summerdreamin’  Acoustique Parfum  4:47
 SomethingOutside  Saafi Brothers  7:21
 Gun Song (El Nino Weekend Version)  Alphawezen  2:07
 El Amarna  Eigenart  4:52
 Én  Berkstroem  4:48
 Bubble, Blibs & Beau  Ohm-G  5:38
 Frejus  Kalabi  4:19
 Ancestors (Bonus Downtempo Track)  Julius Papp  5:10
Bondai Beach (Chill Mix)  Jérome & Marcus Schmahl  –

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