ME Ibiza The Sunset Sessions #7 (2CD)

As always with Kenneth Bager, the compilation is a cultural production gathering northern and southern DJs loving Ibiza international and musical crossroad.

CD1 starts with the beautiful song “Só Vejo Você” by Copenema, a collaboration between Denmark and Brazil – Copenhagen vs Ipanema, that makes you immediately feel the warm nights of ME Ibiza roof. This introduction is followed by “Alabas” that definitely is good chillout by the danish duo Mikkel Nordsø & Ole Theill before Danilo Braca Remix who introduces the downtempo beat with “In Search Of Lost Time by Jacob Gurevitsch. “Awoke” by The Beloved and “Son Shine” performed by Danish Emil Svane Breum who composes music under the alias The Swan and The Lake fit perfectly in this ambient as well as “Hey Moloko” by Mike Salta and Willie Graff & Darren Eboli Beach Mix “Lotta Love” by Okinawa Delays. Let’s say the selection from beginning to end is incredible: “Flamencongrio” by Landikhan, Jose Maria Ramon, “Sól” by Dalholt & Langkilde, “Leave (Kenneth Bager’s Extended Mix)” by Lips Lips Lips, “Principles of Life” by Djosos Krost, “Sergios Theme” by Ambala, “Bellatrix” by Willie Graff and Darren Eboli, ending with”Amar Perdi” by Troels Hammer.

CD2 is taken over by Chris Coco and Camilo Miranda introducing “Villa Bonita”, a piece of joyful summer music followed by “JLP Smoked A Doobie” by Kenneth Bager and Reinhard Vanbergen, “Getting Together” by Langkilde and “Sem Você” by islandman, Istanbul-based Tolga Büyük. Kenneth Bager, Rodrigo Sha, Thomas Schulz and Troels Hammer alias Copenema are back with “Nada Mais”. Italian DJ Pippi experiments new sounds and rhythms in “Feel So Good”. And so more others summer tracks: “Day 3 (Dark Matter Mix)” by Be Svendsen, “A Billion Stars (Kenneth Bager Edit)” by Darren Eboli, “Goldmund” by Aussteiger, “Spanish Inquisition (Danilo Braca Second Inquisition Remix)” by Jacob Gurevitsch, “Kills And Kisses (Club Mix)” by Rheinzand.

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Title Performer / Composer
Só Vejo Você Copenema
Alabas Nordsø & Theill
In Search Of Lost Time (Danilo Braca Remix) Jacob Gurevitsch
Awoke The Beloved
Son Shine The Swan And The Lake
Rayet Marie Ange
Hey Moloko Mike Salta
Lotta Love (Willie Graff & Darren Eboli Beach Mix) Okinawa Delays
Flamencongrio Landikhan, Jose Maria Ramon
Sól Dalholt & Langkilde
Leave (Kenneth Bager’s Extended Mix) Lips Lips Lips
Principles of Life Djosos Krost
Sergios Theme Ambala
Bellatrix Willie Graff, Darren Eboli
Amar Perdi Troels Hammer
Title Performer / Composer
Villa Bonita Chris Coco, Camilo Miranda
JLP Smoked A Doobie Kenneth Bager, Reinhard Vanbergen
Getting Together Langkilde
Sem Você islandman
Ask (Original Mix) Lukas Visti
Nada Mais Copenema
Feel so Good DJ Pippi
Day 3 (Dark Matter Mix) Be Svendsen
A Billion Stars (Kenneth Bager Edit) Darren Eboli
Goldmund Aussteiger
Spanish Inquisition (Danilo Braca Second Inquisition Remix) Jacob Gurevitsch
Kills And Kisses (Club Mix) Rheinzand

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