Meganite Ibiza 2009 (2CD)

Join the Meganite in Privilege to remember the most popular trance songs, in particular, “Happily,” “Circuits,” and  some of Picotto’s biggest hits, not only in Italy but also in other European countries like Germany.

This album compiled many big hits for all his followers and included 21 full length tracks.





Title Performer / Composer
Love Message Mauro Picotto
Absolute Athos
Happily (Meganite Mix) Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri
Don’t Panic Daniele Papini
Living For The Time (Meganite Mix) Mauro Picotto
Manfreak Christian Smith & John Selway
Circuits Adam Beyer
Head Back Riccardo Ferri
Incest (Original Mix) Joseph Capriati & Matteo Spedicati
Diamond (Meganite Mix) Mauro Picotto
Title Performer / Composer
Diamond Hugo & Papini Mix
Diamond Mark Broom’s Glide Mix
Diamond Mark Broom’s Stonk Mix
Happily Danilo Vigorito Mix
Happily Steve Rachmad Stripped Mix
Happily Markantonio & Capriati Black Mix
Happily Markantonio & Capriati Red Mix
Manfreak Athos Remix
Incest Markantonio Remix
Living For The Time Technasia Hard Mix
Living For The Time Technasia Soft Mix


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