Nassau Beach Club Ibiza 10th Anniversary (2CD)

To celebrate this 10th anniversary, Alex Kentucky sticks to popular downtempo known for its famous background beat that starts with Every Furtuna’s track “Hush” , Deepanima’s “Historia de un amor” and Fabian Kash’s “Twin”. The slow groove tempo don’t vary a lot till the relaxing sensual and romantic voices of Lisa Shaw featuring Miguel Megs Salted Vocal mix “I Can See It” and “Be Mine Allovers Redub” by Zhanna Ona break into this suite. In the continuation some other tracks as La serenata by DJ Pippi and Kenneth Bager before ending with Lavvy Levan’s “Hurt”. A pure Nassau Beach compilation.

The CD2 compilation mixed by David Crops is still in Downbeat Nassau Pure style starting with Sam Shure featuring “Leila” and Paul Calvet in “Some Days Last A Long Time”. He goes on with Juan, Tube & Berger, Namatjira, Ferreck Dawn, Peter Makto & Gregory S, DJ Ino, Mc Johnny Def, Rosario Galati, David Crops, Luca Guerrieri Italobros and EDX.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Hush  Evren Furtuna
 Historia de un amor  Deepanima
 Twin  Fabian Kash
 Closer To The Sunrise  Christos Fourkis Feat. Nicole Forlida
 In My Life  Delalic & Orffee
 I Can See It (Miguel Migs Salted Vocal Mix)  Lisa Shaw
 Be Mine (Allovers Redub)  Alex Kentucky Feat. Zhanna Onia
 Good Time (Trujillo Disco Mix)  Bruno from Ibiza feat. Paul Powell
 La gran isla  Ivan Garcia
 Ucha  Shosholoza
 La serenata  DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager
 Spread Love (Joey Negro 2016 Retouch)  Doug Willis
 Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)  Hercules & Love Affair
 Hurt  Lavvy Levan
Title Performer / Composer
 Leila  Shure Sam
 Some Days Last A Long Time  Paul Calvet
 Surya  Namatjira
 Nibali  Juan
 Ruckus  Tube & Berger feat. Richard Judge
 Higher  Ferreck Dawn
 Yoss  Peter Makto & Gregory S
 Analog input  DJ Ino & MC Johnny Def
 Convincing  Nora en Pure
 Deep In My Chest (Yves Murasca Deeper Mix)  Rosario Galati
 She Wants It  David Crops
 Tears  Luca Guerrieri
 Direct  Italobros
 Omertà  EDX

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