Cocoon Dots and Pearls 4 (1CD)

Cocoon Recordings is proud to present the 4th edition of our inhouse-compilation-series „Dots and Pearls“. Cocoon Recordings never has been a narrow minded and singled sided techno label with just one style to refer to. The bandwidth of artists in the label roster such as Roman Flügel, Minilogue, Guy Gerber, Âme or even Boys Noize (just to name a few) proofs that Sven Väth and his label managers have always combined a wide range of techno and house subgenres throughout all the years. Electronic music for all different kinds of listening- and body-movement-purposes.

„Dots and Pearls“ volume 4 is no exception to this, it is indeed another perfect mix-compilation that exactly refers to this very own style and label policy. Of course Markus Fix, as the man in charge here in terms of compiling and mixing the back-catalogue (combined with four brand new tracks), paints more of a tech-house coloured picture and follows his favourite genre thereby. However by selecting tracks and remixes from artists like Sven Väth & Roman Flügel, Mirko Loko, Tim Green, Einzelkind & Robin Schulz and even Ricardo Tobar & Lawrence, Fix simply shows how big the choice was he could pick his tools for this compilation.

Markus Fix himself has contributed a previously unreleased track to the mix alongside his colleagues Argy, Christian Burkhardt and Jimi Jules. The four brand new additions follow the basic concept and label philosophy with their great diversity and unequal styles. Fix and company add acid house, 80s flavoured retro sounds and compositions with a deep and hypnotic cinematic vibe.

Dots and Pearls volume four does not only represent the musical output of the recent Cocoon Recordings releases. This compilation proves that it is still possible to publish modern electronic dance music with a vibrant touch but from different corners of the game without the need to sell out or even turn mainstream. Labels like Cocoon Recordings and compilations like this one are badly needed these days to keep the spirit alive and to feed all the hungry heads that just won’t catch up with current lifestyle trends and hypes. By staying true to ourselves and to the sound we fallen in love we stay underground and fresh. Innovation still happens on the dance floors around the globe however we focus on all the special dance floors, the ones with love, passion and energy: The floors where we can see and connect the dots and where can find our pearls. Ladies & Gentlemen, this is COCOON RECORDINGS, THIS IS DOTS AND PEARLS VOLUME FOUR!

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Title Performer / Composer
 Electrica Salsa (Roman Flügel Remix)  OFF feat. Sven Väth
 Artificiel  Mirko Loko
 Tesla Coil  Wouter De Moor
 Among Wolves  Tim Green
 Karambolage (exclusive track)  Christian Burkhardt
 Euphrasia (exclusive track)  Jimi Jules
 N.2guts  Einzelkind & Robin Scholz pres. Rhythm Factory
 7 Hours  Chymera
 Baroon (exclusive track)  Markus Fix
 Robot (Kölsch Remix)  Sven Väth
 How Late It Was, How Late (exclusive track)  Argy
 Red Light (Lawrence Remix)  Ricardo Tobar

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