Nothing But The Hill (2CD)

Nothing But The Hill is one of the best album of Marco Soncini. He harmonizes downtempo, pop, latin and lounge music as well as he masters the guitar which leads to wonderful compositions that meet his sentivity and his ambitions.

The beautiful songs and the vocals comprised in this compilation rise us on top of this imaginary hill overlooking the city and performing over the whole cd cover.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
Porqué Marco Soncini 3:39
Nel Blu Marco Soncini 5:06
Innocence Is Lost Marco Soncini 4:45
Violet Theme (Remix 2007) Marco Soncini 5:03
Stay Marco Soncini 4:33
Constanta Marco Soncini 3:47
L5 Marco Soncini 4:07
On My Mind (Baby Come) Marco Soncini 4:17
Lullaby Marco Soncini 4:19
Saavaria Marco Soncini 4:06
Porqué (Lead Guitar) Marco Soncini 3:39


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