Pacha Ibiza 1997 (2CD)

The first Pacha Ibiza album marks the Year of the Extraterrestrial Arrival in Pacha, the fact that other life must exist in the several star systems. And music followed the topic.

Latin, House, Pop Rock with Moodlife featuring  Sonya Rogers’ “Moving On”, William DeVaughn featuring “Be Thankful For What You’ve Got”, and so much more.


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Title Performer / Composer
 Sueño Latino  Sueño Latino
 Testify  UBP Feat. Jay Williams
 Moving On  Moodlife
 Free  Ultra Naté
 Love Commandments  Gisele Jackson
 The Second Coming  Living Charge
 Until The Day  The Knowledge
 This Is The Only Way  Lovebeads
 Spiller From Rio  Laguna
 Over Me  Whiplash
 I Luv U Baby  The Original
 Black People Have Rhythm  The Leaders
 I’m Ready For Good Time  Revelation
 Over & Over  Plux
 Make U Feel  e-N
Title Performer / Composer
 Ghetto Discharge  King Of The South
 The Champ  The Mohawks
 The Lone Ranger  Quantum Jump
 If You Want Me To Stay  Sly & The Family Stone
 Spill The Wine  Eric Burdon
 Soul Drummers  Ray Barretto
 Be Thankful For What You’ve Got  William DeVaughn
 Jade East  Ramsey Lewis
 Harlem  Bill Withers
 Ride Your Poney  Lee Dorsey
 Last Night  The Mark Keys
 Shake It Baby  John Lee Hooker
 Summertime  Billy Stewart

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