Paradise on Earth (2CD)

Patrick Topping and Nathan Barato surely confirmed their ability to get to the top with their ‘Paradise On Earth’ compilation. Part of the new wave of electronic music producers coming from the north of England, Patrick Topping is a pioneering force for a generation of upcoming artists, reflected in recently being voted 11th in Resident Advisors Top100 DJ’s of 2016. Freshly arrived in Ibiza DC-10 famous club, they like to mix house, techno, deep house, electro house, he is quite at the cutting edge of Ibiza tech house following Richie Hawtin, Nathan Coles, Sven Väth. He remains faithful to the spirit of Chicago house and Detroy techno.

They both feature a list of famous soundtracks and artists that they easily maintained at their best starting with the original mix “Where Ya At?” by Derrick Carter, It’s Gonna Be My Way (Spen & Karizma Deepah Dub) by Precious, “Dirt Cabana” by Moritz Piske, “Snare City” by Gabry Fasano & Riccardo Ferri, “Feeding The Rhythm” by Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato, “Higgledy Piggledy” by Ian Pooley, “Loleatta” by Makam before Nathan Barato played his own composition “A Little Love” and “Love Came Around” opening the tech house highway to Vibe Killers, Green Velvet, Italo Johnson, Jovonn, Thomas Schumacher, Jared Wilson and Robert Hood.

CD2 mixed by Nathan Barato stays in the same tech house and electronic music “Fracking-Eins” (Magazine Remix) by Wendy Gondeln, “Redshape” by Dog Day, “Walk 4 Me” (Milk Bar Mix) by Tronco Trax, “Ain’t No Wifey” by Sex Sells, “Acid Gaddafi” by Jack N Jerk before Patrick Topping comes to the scene with “Tease Magnet” followed by Elliot Adams, Metaboman, The Boss, DJ Freddy featuring La Chose, Gene Hunt, Butch, Sean Miller and many more without forgetting “Metro” and “Wouldn’t Care” by Patrick Topping.





Title Performer / Composer
 Where Ya At? (Mix Original)  Derrick Carter
 It’s Gonna Be My Way (Spen & Karizma Deepah Dub)  Precious
 Dirt Cabana  Moritz Piske
 Snare City  Gabry Fasano & Riccardo Ferri
 Feeding The Rhythm  Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato
 Higgledy Piggledy  Ian Pooley
 Loleatta  Makam
 Shelter (Dan’s Groove Part 1)  Brand New Heavies
 Never Forget (When You Touch Me (Bonus Beats)  Hardrive 2000
 A Little Love  Nathan Barato
 Get Up!  Vibe Killers
 Love Came Around  Nathan Barato
 UFO’s  Green Velvet
 08 A  Italo Johnson
 Jump Off  Jovonn
 Hush (Catz’n Dogs 2013 Remix)  Thomas Schumacher
 Girl, I’m Waitin’  Jared Wilson
 Dancer  Robert Hood
Title Performer / Composer
 Fracking-Eins (Magazine Remix)  Wendy Gondeln
 Redshape  Dog Day
 Walk 4 Me (Milk Bar Mix)  Tronco Trax
 Ain’t No Wifey  Sex Sells
 Acid Gaddafi  Jack N Jerk
 Tease Magnet  Patrick Topping
 Pleased To Meet You  Elliot Adamson
 Next Please  Metaboman
 Congo (Ministry Anthem)  The Boss
 Emergency Delivery  DJ Freddy featuring La Chose
 Dr. Roland  Gene Hunt
 Disco Shhh  Butch
 Disco Girlfriend (Spot On Mix)  Itchy + Scratchy
 Control Your Body  Sean Miller
 Metro  Patrick Topping
 Binary Code  Oli Furness
 Movin’ Thru Your System (Dave Clarke Remix)  Jark Prongo
 Serpent  Amentia
 Mental Caddy  Michael Mayer
 Wouldn’t Care  Patrick Topping

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Weight 110 g