Paris By Night (1CD)

Paris by Night 2013 is the avenues Bob Sinclar has chosen to reach his goal to diversify and develop his style with Summer Moonlight, Groupie, No No No No, Gipsymen, Cest La Vie, Far L amore, Russian Groove…Summer Moonlight, Groupie, No No No No, Gipsymen, Cest La Vie, Paris By Night, Mambo Explosion, Sea Lion Woman,Together Forever, Samba In Hell, Let Me Tell U Something, Cinderella.



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Title Performer / Composer Time
Summer Moonlight (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar
Groupie (Club Mix) Bob Sinclar
No No No No (Nicolas Monier And Trackstorm Remix) Bob Sinclar
Gipsymen (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar & Erik Hagleton
C’est La Vie (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar & Mark O Mariotti
Far L’amore (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar & Raffaella Carra
Russian Groove (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar & Erik Hagleton
My Guitar (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar & Peter Nalitch
Paris By Night (Je Cherche Apres Titine) Bob Sinclar
Mambo Explosion (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar & Nick & Danny Chatelain
Sea Lion Woman (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar 05:58
Together Forever (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar 07:32
Samba In Hell (Erik Hagleton Remix) Bob Sinclar 6:40
Let Me Tell U Something (Original Mix) Bob Sinclar & Garrett & Ojelay
Cinderella (She Said Her Name) Bob Sinclar 05:58


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