Penthouse Ibiza Sunset Lounge (2cd)

Penthouse Ibiza Sunset Lounge is one of this album you own if you like guitar, vocals and percussion. The trio Fabrizio Levita offers a unique live music experience to celebrate and dance, to enjoy and sing along. The stylished and electrifying skills of this Italian singer will hit the  world with this refined selection.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Drowning Deep Sea Edit  Tierra Segunda  6:10
 Beach Club (Chill House Mix)  Part of la playa  3:50
 My Feet Won’t TOuche The Ground  Nu Groove Theory  4:30
 Sunshine  Matthew Kramer Feat. Vernon  5:40
 Breathing This Moment  Tierra Segunda  6:19
 Everytime  Flowmotional  4:03
 The Only One  Lounge Playa Part 4  4:01
 Precious Everlasting Moment  Pearlcodder Feat. Fab  4:50
 Trying Times (Ambient Remix)  Loungaholic  6:28
 Best Days  Elena  7:38
 Roxanne (Loungaholic Beat Mix)  Re:Lounge  4:07
 Jesus to a Child (El Mar del café)  Re:Lounge  6:49
 Mrs. Saxobeat  #1  3:01
Title Performer / Composer Time
 The Voice of Bouddha  Matthew Kramer  4:07
 U.R. The Sun (Tony Rivera Remix)  Kenny Fontana  5:55
 I Want You Back  Liv  5:15
 Beach Café  MK feat. Rizz-O  6:22
 Mad World  Re:Lounge feat. Fabrizio Levita  4:57
 As Time Goes By (Head Gang Suga Kanki)  Loose Direction  5:35
 Miracle (Chill Out Mix)  Beats & Pieces  4:28
 Hangover (Lounge Mix)  Uomo  5:00
 Killer (Groove Thievery Remix)  Dejazzed  4:51
 Club Tropicana (Island Affairs Childhouse)  Re:Lounge  5:25
 Oxygene (The Ocean)  Balearic Reincarnation  4:46
 Blue Planet (Buddha Bar Version)  Canis  4:58
 Hold The Line (Cuba 2 Ibiza Mix)  Re:Lounge  3:41

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