Relaxin Moments (2CD)

Relaxin Moments – smooth & gentle songs is a very beautiful album produced by Alive Recordings that succeeded to compile some of the best international chillout music of the decade as famous as Trippin by Stephane de Lucia, La Onda by Alex Riviera, Carousel by Sweet Chill, Blue Sheets by Venice Mercredi by Jimi Shaker, and many more.





Title Performer / Composer
 Trippin’  Stephane De Lucia
 Tokyo Silence  Bobby Tamari
 Voyage À Tipaza  Michel Petit
 Blue Sheets (Album Version)  Venice
 Dreaming a Dream  Ben Leëla
 Hamburg Hafen (Album Version)  Stereolife
 The Tower  Heritage
 Mercredi  Jimi Shaker
 A Night in Rome  Evan Cortez
 Back to the South  Guy De Lespaul
 Coffee (Album Version)  Michael Hummer
 Swing Meditation  Deleerious 3
 Waves  Two Kings
 Connor  Vico McDonald
 So Nett… (Album Version)  2 Blind
Title Performer / Composer
 La Onda  Alex Riviera
 Sevilla Benicio Del Cristo
 Carousel  Sweet Chill
 Strange Mind  Creto
 Undercover Lover  Julius Vincent
 At Home (Album Version)  Crussader
 8 Chiens  Serge Monfils
 Nomi (Album Version)  Jack D.
 Dana’s Hill  Twen T4
 Massive Reaction (Album Version)  Troy
 Heavenlee  Three Pillows
 Endro (Album Version)  F.R.A.N.K.I.E.
 Diving (Album Version)  I.L.Y.
 Signed (Album Version)  J. Martinson
 Die Lichtung (Album Version)  Destination

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