Choice 2007 (2CD)

I immersed in the diverse mixture of Latin Afro-Caribbean rhythms, 80s pop and bore withness to the birth of hip hop and rap, says Sanchez. “Music of all kinds could be heard on any four-block stretch. The 1980s was an explosively creative period in music history that introduced me to courtless sounds and styles that I would later incorporate into my musical vocabulary both as a DJ and a producer.

The series in which the worlds top DJs bring you their all time classic tracks. These are the influences that created the DJ, the DJs themselves have created these classics, and dance music history is hereby made.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Jungle Fever (S-Man’s Jungle Edit)  Chakachas  3:41
 Darkest Light  The Lafayette Afro Rock Band  3:37
 New Bell  Manu Dibango  4:52
 Upside Down (S-Man’s Flipside Edit)  Fela Kuti  7:47
 Mt. Airy Groove (S-Man’s Old School Edit)  Pieces Of A Dream  4:56
 The Mexican (S-Man’s B-Boy Battle Edit)  Babe Ruth  4:26
 Slang Teacher  Wide Boy Awake  4:29
 For The Same Man  B Beat Girls  3:19
 Problemes D’Amour  Alexander Robotnick  6:12
 Set Fire To Me (Inferno Dub Version)  Willie Colon  6:58
 Woman  Barabas  2:20
 Love Money  TW Funkmasters  4:22
 Que Tal America  Two Man Sound  7:13
 Is It All Over My Face  Loose Joint2  5:00
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Your Love  Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle  4:25
 Distant Planet  Mr. Fingers  4:34
 7 Ways To Jack  Hercules  5:34
 Bring Down The Walls  Robert Owens  5:02
 Night Moves  Rickster  5:27
 Computer Madness  Steve Poindexter  4:03
 Let Me Show You Love  Romanthony  3:18
 House For All  Blunted Dummies  3:36
 The Poem 92  Bobby Konders & Massive Sounds  8:02
 City Streets  Basil  6:44
  I Called U (The Conversation)  Lil’ Louis & The World  6:54
 Energy Flash  Joey Beltram  4:44
 Work It To The Bone  LNR  3:45

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