Sketches from an Island (1cd)

The hippy music of the ’70s gave way to Balearic Beat, which in it’s truest form has an anything goes ethos. The new scene of recent times is the melodic and eclectic sound that many of us enjoy. It is a broad sound, where gentes rub shoulders with the ‘Sketches’ releases embodying the best of this scene.
The music within this album takes us back in time to a place where the music happened to fit the scenery. A classic mix of live instrumentation synthesised sound. The fact that this album was made on the island of Ibiza seems of small note considering how well the records fit this word. The point of this music was always it could come from anywhere. This music comes from the heart. It’s life music.





Title Performer / Composer
 Baby Come Home  Mark Barrott
 Dr Nimm’s Garden of Intrigue & Delight  Mark Barrott
 Go Berri Be Happy  Mark Barrott
 Essene  Mark Barrott
 Formentera Headspace Blues  Mark Barrott
 Deep Water  Mark Barrott
 Island Life  Mark Barrott
 Back to The Sea  Mark Barrott
 Sacred Islands  Mark Barrott

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