Slow Down Ibiza Vol. 1 (1CD)

Slow Down Ibiza Grooves is a special 2018 compilation of cool grooves and relaxing chill out written and produced by Marc Hartman. You will find some of his best tracks as “Falling Apart”, “Under My Skin”, “We’re Jammin'”, “Tossin’ and Turnin'”. DJ Deviance is also part of this fresh compilation and rewards the audience with his beautiful song “Las tardes en Cala Vadella”, the instrumental “Ibiza Moods” and the new theme “Slow Down”. Marco Moli marks a valuable presence in the heart of this musical landscape with “French Love”, “Believe in Yourself” (Remix), “Forgiven”, “Bossa Linda” and “Just A Fool”.

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Title Performer / Composer
Falling Apart Marc Hartman
French Love Marco Moli
Believe in Yourself (Remix) Marco Moli
Under My Skin Marc Hartman
Las tardes en Cala Vadella DJ Deviance
Forgiven Marco Moli
We’re Jammin’ Marc Hartman
Bossa Linda Marco Moli
Ibiza Moods DJ Deviance
Tossin’ and Turnin’ Marc Hartman
Just A Fool Marco Moli
Slow Down DJ Deviance

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