Subliminal Winter Sessions 2003 (2CD)

The first album is a real Erick Morillo tribal beat  with DJ Flex’s “Amazing” and Superchumbo’s “This Beat is “, David Guetta’s “Just a Little More Love” and you start dancing around.

Go on with the second album more dirtier, if you like it, with Camel Riders “Twisted” and Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang “Reach”.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 I Gottcha Your Back  LT Brown  6:14
 Pass You By  Monkey Bars  4:38
 Bad Enough  CZR & Darryl Pandy  5:58
 Get Naked  Smooth & J  6:42
 Amazing  DJ Flex  7:12
 Release  JJ Flores & Steve Smooth feat. Delano  4:28
 This Beats Is  Superchumbo 10:52
 Satisfaction  Benny Benassi  3:55
 Above the Rules (Clubganger)  Roman Salzger  4:41
 Rescue Me  Whiteside  3:32
 Back 2 Face U  DJ Manny Groove  7:09
 We Got Love  Praise Cats & Andrea Love  7:34
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Quiver  E Rock feat. Latanza Waters  7:18
 Just a Little More Love  David Guetta  7:48
 Twisted  Camel Riders  8:40
 Don’t Laugh  Winx  7:16
 King of the Deep  Deepo King  5:53
 Calling Me  “Choo Choo” Romero & Jessica Eve  5:00
 Reach  Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang  6:01
 I Go Back  “Choo Choo” Romero ft. Robert Owens  6:47
 Touch the Sky  Thick Dick  7:47
 Air Rage (Reason 4)  Robbin Thieves  6:31
 Calabria  Rune RK  5:20

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