Sunrise At Aguas Blancas (1CD)

Sunrise at Aguas Blancas Ibiza is a Choice Brand Of Finest in Techhouse, a special mixture of super chilled deep tracks and calm tech house . The house music characterized the southern cost of Ibiza where the night clubs are growing fast from all sides and so forth the adventurers of Aguas Blancas in the peaceful north of the island are now a mixture of islanders nudists and holidaymakers and this cd follows this evolution.





Title Performer / Composer Time
Tentaciones (Original Mix) Sergio Fernandez & D Low 7:32
Backup (Greg Parker Remix) Tojami Sessions 8:26
Don’t Call Me Artist Aki Bergen 4:39
Superschall The Timewriter 7:34
You (Original Mix) Fer Ferrari 7:24
Without You Feat. Alex Flatner Babak Shayan 7:50
Formatte Daniel Dubb 7:03
Knee Deep (Original Mix) Daniel Dubb 6:03
Brooklyn Bullets (Original Mix) Aki Bergen & Neuroxyde 7:21
Transparent And All In Between Dejan Milicevic & Matthew Hoag 7:06
Fate Bucher & Kessidis 7:27
Snolike Demir & Seymen 6:12
Juice (Less Vocal Mix) MSMS 6:24
One Of A Kind Dzeta n’ Basile 8:48
Rendevouz Strict Border 6:06
Want Love Bucher & Kessidis 6:27
Pfunkman Kreon 7:13


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