Sunset Hours Vol. 3 Ibiza Lunch Party (1CD)

Sunset Hours Vol. 3 – Ibiza Lunch Party compiled by Simon Mills is the third instalment of the Sunset Hours series, a collection of compilation albums inspired by the breathtaking views from Marini’s On 57 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The series began when Ibiza legend Jose Padilla was asked to compile a compilation after he travelled to Malaysia. Last year the second volume was overseen by a partnership of Chris Coco & Afterlife and this year’s album has been put together by Simon Mills, one half of the wonky electronic duo Bent, who will be launching Sunset Hours Volume 3 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Savannah Sunset Ibiza on July 20th 2016, broadcast live on Ibiza Sonica.

The album consists of 14 hand selected tracks that capture the mood and atmosphere of the Sunset over the Malaysian capital perfectly. After opening with the excellent ‘I Can Breathe’ by Dekoi we are treated to one of Simon’s own productions, this time in his Napoleon guise, with the exclusive track ‘Interstellar Joyride’ that helps set the mood with quirky synth runs and a warm analogue bass line. There’s a track from Robi Insinna’s alter ego project Manhood and one of last year’s compilers Chris Coco before Farbror Resonde Mac’s ‘Tinden’s Tand’ gives us a flavour of the Balearics islands. Swedish based HNNY is also included with the excellent ‘Cheer Up My Brother’ Other highlights include the timeless ‘What about this Love (Dub)’ from the super talented Mr Fingers aka house music legend Larry Heard, a new Simon Mills remix of Jose Padilla’s ‘Akamundo’, another exclusive track ‘Meeting Point’, the outstanding Yam Who? Remix of Julian Sanza’s ‘Sunset’ before closing with a track from Bent’s Ariels album ‘Exercise 4′





Title Performer / Composer
 I Can Breathe Out Here  Dekoi
 Interstellar Joyride (Sunset Hours Edit)  Napoleon
 Doop  Manhead
 Dreaming Of Love  Chris Coco
 Tindens Tand  Farbror Resande Mac
 Cheer Up My Brother  HNNY
 What About This Love? (Dub version)  Mr Fingers
 Akamundo (Simon Mills Remix)  Jose Padilla & Chris Zippel
 Bill Loves You  Hidden Spheares
 Huldra  Gidge
 Space In My Mind  Sei A
 Meeting Point  Simon Mills
 Sunset (Yam Who? Rework)  Julian Sanza
 Exercise 4  Bent

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