Sven Väth Coming Home (1cd)

For the successful compilation series “Coming Home”, Sven Väth selected 14 Tracks he listens to when he gets back to his apartement in London. “I only wanted to present my current favourite songs without any special dramaturgy but afterwards it came out musical arc of suspense” Sven says to his selection.
With the norwegian jazz trumpet player Arve Henriksen, the scottish independent duo Boards of Canada or the New York sisters CocoRosie, Sven Väth compiled a wide spectrum of different styles of music which takes you on a journey into Sound!





Title Performer / Composer
 Poverty and it’s oppsite  Arve Henriksen
 Crépuscule  Horror Inc.
 Recondite  Leafs
 Cold Earth  Boards Of Canada
 Fantastic Piano  Axel Boman
 Americans  Oneohtrix Point Never
 Some Respite  Holden
 Making Holes  Portable
 Anna  Popnoname
 Tears For Animals  CocoRosie
 Lizzy  Ursprung
 La Pagliarella (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)  Donni Sò
 Becalmed  Food
 Says  Nils Frahm

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