Tanit Beach Ibiza Vol. 3 (2CD)

Faithful to its predecessors Tanit Beach Ibiza Volume 3 is a selection of high-quality music, completely compatible with the warmth, beauty and colours of Ibiza as well as Tanit Beach Club chilled music, refined decor, excellent service and exquisite food.

Mixed and compiled by DJs residents Mariano Somoza and DJ Ken Abel, as in years past, this compilation artfully captures the exclusive and summery atmosphere of Playa d’enBossa famous beach.

The tracklist includes exquisite chill musical pearls starting with the best one: “Can You Feel This Way” by Living Room, “Burn” by Alex Hook featuring Emma Brammer, Islandman Remix “Alla Vita” performed by Ambal featuring Elisabetta Fadini. Follow Newbo Remix “Orchids” by Amonita, a perfect flicking beat approaching while still remaining at a distance from the dance beat taking in by the Original Mix “Not 100% Right” by Baron Ashler and “Behind Us” featuring Rolfi Calahorrano by David Crops who opens the doors to The SoultrendOrchestra with LTJ Xperience Remix “Dancing featuring Groovy Sistas” and much more dance and house of Somoza choices.

DJ Abel marks his tendency at the first track and you will not be disappointed with Tâches that performed “Dances with Wolves” and “When You Leave Me”. So that’s it! House is part of the party. Enjoy it!

Unquestionably one of your favourites for this summer!

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Title Performer / Composer
Can You Feel This Way Living Room
Burn (feat. Emma Brammer) Alex Hook
Alla Vita (feat. Elisabetta Fadini) [Islandman Remix] Ambala
Orchid (Newbo Remix) Amonita
Not 100% Right Baron Ashler
Behind Us (feat. Rolfi Calahorrano) David Crops
Dancing (feat. Groovy Sistas) [LTJ Xperience Remix] The Soultrend Orchestra
Feeling You (Extended Mix) Mike D’ Jais
Summer Keeps on Passing Me By (Instrumental) Jazzanova
Cool Breeze Dark Soul Project & Lavigne
Nevada (Beach House Mix) Schwarz & Funk
Andromeda Be Svendsen
Rush Age is a Box
Moments of Clarity (Extended Mix) Eelke Kleijn
Title Performer / Composer
Dances with Wolves TÂCHES
Our Origins Death On the Balcony
World Needs Its Dreamers Matthias Vogt
Sofia’s Theme TÂCHES
Window Shopping Stimming
Fantasize (feat. Jules Gabriel) [Fallou Remix] Mastercris
Fatoumata Volen Sentir
Botanica Thds
Aboutcha Soledrifter
Annihilating Rhythm (Soledrifter Dub) Tidy Daps
Late Night Coffee High Early Motions
When You Leave Me TÂCHES
Never Ever James Cole
Raw Sweat Uner & Coyu

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