Tanit Beach Ibiza (2CD)

First album mixed by Abel Pons starts with rhythm and the sweet song “This Guy” by Mark Tarmonea, we are up to a nice journey under the sun and beach of Ibiza every summer day. Groove and disco are going on with Discodreams by quintet 909 and Stomp 70’s Mix “Stoned Butterflies, with a house background for the next tracks: Ziggy Phunk “I Got Your Number”, Dino Lenny & Doorly in Doorly Re-Chunk Mix “The Magic Room”, Rafael Carvalho & Scavazza “About You Girl”, Abel Pons “I Like That”, Nora En Pure “Convincing”, Famba “Right Here Right Now”, Mario Ochoa featuring Lilla “Crystal Love”, Nu Disco Bitches “Madafoonk (Funk Mix)”, Kenny Summit “Cold Blooded”, Alaia & Gallo featuring Kevin Haden The Reflex Who’s Who Remix “Who Is He?”, Abel Pons “Feel The Groove”, Patrik Baker “Call Me Up”.

The second album mixed by Mariano Somoza features “Sweet Dreams” by Leanbacker followed by some nice melodies as Victor Nebot & Eric Nagel original mix “Shan Tea” and the crystal-clear sound of Lily Moon performing Isaac Chambers featuring Jarrod Brereton Remix “Wildlight”, Dekoi featuring Roisin “I Can Breathe Out Here”, S.D.J. “You Were Mine”, Suzuki by Tosca, Sunset Boulevard “Last Summer”, Inland Knights – “Watt About It”, Shadisha “Die On My Knees”, Medsound & Maria Estrella “Keep It Alive”, Ivan Garci “Chillvan Time”, Matt Correa featuring Alexey “Euphony”, David Crops “Octopus”, Sweed featuring Jalana in Holter & Mogyoro Remix “Finally”.

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Title Performer / Composer
 This Guy  Mark Tarmonea
 Discodreams  Quinten 909
 Stomp  Stoned Butterflies, Veedisco
 I Got Your Number  Ziggy Phunk
 The Magic Room (Doorlyre-Chunk Mix)  Dino Lenny & Doorly
 About You Girl  Rafael Carvalho & Scavazza
 I Like That  Abel Pons
 Convincing  Nora en Pure
 Right Here Right Now  Famba
 Crystal Love  Mario Ochoa Feat. Lilla
 Madafoonk (Funk Mix)  Nu Disco Bitches
 Cold Blooded  Kenny Summit
 Who Is He? (The Reflex Who’s Who Remix)  Alaia & Gallo Feat. Kevin Haden
 Feel The Groove  Abel Pons
 Call Me Up  Patrick Baker
Title Performer / Composer
 Sweet Dreams  Leanbacker
 Shan Tea  Victor nebot & Eric Nagel
 Lily Moon (Isaac Chambers Remix)  Wildflight Feat. jarrod Brereton
 I Can Breathe Out Here  Dekoi Feat. Roisin
 You Were Mine  S.D.J.
 Suzuki  Tosca
 Last Summer  Sunset Boulevard
 Watt About It  Inland Knights
 Die On My Knees  Shadisha
 Keep It Alive  Medsound & Maria Estrella
 Chillvan Time  Ivan Garci
 Euphony  Matt Correa Feat. Alexey
 Octopus  David Crops
 Finally (Holter & Mogyoro Remix)  Sweed Feat. Jalana

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