The Swan and The Lake (2CD)

Danish label Music For Dreams releases another winner with the debut album from Danish artist Emil Breum aka The Swan And The Lake. “Moments” showcases Breum’s talent for creating exquisite and sensitive soundscapes; timeless atmospheres which echo contemporary classical composers as well as some of the more new age-minded artists of the Berlin School. CD2 “Clouds” continues his journey through the beautifully hypnotic world of ambient music and chilled electronica with a little help from his sequencer and keyboards. Already established within the chill scene, The Swan And The Lake produces timeless music, a purity in sound, and a longing for music to reflect the sounds of nature that goes way beyond soundtracking a poolside session or beach bar.

Both CD “Moments” and “Clouds” capture this essence perfectly, its compositions seeming to suspend time and prolong a sense of clarity, like staring out over a beautiful landscape at sunset – both a sobering and healing experience. Opening both sides of the album are collaborations with guitarist Anders Brandt who adds a beautiful groove to Breum’s motionless ambient state. A combination which led many a DJ to reach for the drifting and dreamy “Dive” as the Ibizan sun began to slump into the waves. Also included is Moonboots’ pick “Moments of Lost Swans”, a gorgeous modern Balearic track full of melodic marimbas which sounds like a tropical relative of PCO at their most upbeat. Another highlight is the string-based “Bright Lights”, an ambient masterpiece which plays out in in three parts. an electronic intro glides into Breum’s moody piano chords and finally drops into an emotional string ending that feels like a cross between Michael Nyman and Nils Frahm. While emotive keys, reverbs, marimbas and pianos lend “Waiting For Spring” the air of a forgotten Cafe Del Mar classic. Breum also supplies the photo for the front cover of the album, an image born of his desire to capture special moments of day and night, just as he has done with the mesmerising musical landscapes on this stunning debut.

The Swan and the Lake was entirely produced and mixed by The Swan and The Lake executive producer Kenneth Bager with the collaboration of Anders Brandt at the writing of Deep Red & Dive and Sebastian Lisa in the composition of Weather.






Title Performer / Composer
 Fresh Food  Kenneth Bager
 Clouds Over Osterbro  Kenneth Bager
 Port d’Andratx (Part 1-Sun) feat. Johan Liepstack  Kenneth Bager
 Heavens Voice Feat. Neobi  Kenneth Bager
 Melancholia  Kenneth Bager
 Summer In December Feat. Jens Breum & Johan Liepstack  Kenneth Bager
 Waterfalls  Kenneth Bager
 Port d’Andratx (Part 2 – Rain)  Kenneth Bager
 Monday  Kenneth Bager
 Goodnight  Kenneth Bager
 Plastic Pacific Ocean  Kenneth Bager
Title Performer / Composer
 Deep Red Feat. Anders Brandt  Kenneth Bager
 Moments Of Lost Swans  Kenneth Bager
 Blueberries  Kenneth Bager
 Dive Feat. Anders Brandt  Kenneth Bager
 Bright Lights  Kenneth Bager
 Waiting For Spring  Kenneth Bager
 Soft Brainfreeze Feat. Line Emilie Hougaard (Ambient Mix)  Kenneth Bager
 Weather Feat. Hush Forever  Kenneth Bager
 Wake Up  Kenneth Bager
 Silent Morning Joy  Kenneth Bager
 Alligator – The Perfect Match (The Swan and The Lake Remix)  Kenneth Bager

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