Tiburón Beach Club Formentera 2017

CD1 ‘Sunlounge’ compilation starts with a selection of delightful tracks “Beauty of Life” from Ingo Herrmann and  “I Can Hear The Summer” with Peter Pearson followed in the same mood by “Diamond” from Dimitry Raschepkin and Chris Coco featuring the remix “Albatross by Lenny Bizarre” that was written by Peter Green who plays the guitar. This first one is all about softness and lightness of lounge music with smooth drum beats by Normandie. And a special touch of voice comes back with Groove Gecko and Frank Tayla’s “Liquid Sun”. Maria Sol is highlighting the end of this compilation with Michael E Remix “Sensualite” and her Sunny Remix “Chasma Boreale” before The Rurals takes the place with “Rescue My Mind”.

CD2 “Sundance” compilation shines with a groove and warm dancing mood that will surely target your body and your heart with the first tracks “Desire” Eric Fischer & Petit Buerre Remix by Miklos Vajda followed by Nico Pusch Remix “Antartica” by Kindred Spirits composed by Sebastian Binner. Follow Michael A Remix “Ethereal Dream” by Matan caps featuring Sehya and “Tiburon Theme” written by Lorenzo Al Dino for DeepFM. And some other tracks of Chill House mixed with Disco House to keep you more in the dancing beat.





Title Performer / Composer
 Beauty of Life  Ingo herrmann
 I Can Hear The Summer  Peter Pearson
 Diamond  Dimitri Raschepkin
 Albatross (Lenny Ibizarre remix)  Chris Coco
 Beach  Normandie
 My Love is True  Clélia Félix
 Pensées Mélodiques  Groove Gecko
 Liquid Sun  Frank Tayla
 Faded  Firar Tarhini
 Kookerz  Sorcerer
 Moringa Moonrise  Andy Compton & Han Litz
 Sensualité (Michael E Remix)  Marga Sol
 Chasma Boreale (Marga Sol Sunny Remix)  Audio Affair
 Rescue My Mind  The Rurals
Title Performer / Composer
 Desire (Eric Fischer & Petit Buerre Remix)  Miklos Vajda
 Antartica (Nico Pusch remix)  Kindred Spirits (Ger)
 Ethereal Dream (Michael A Remix)  Matan Caspi feat. Sehya
 Tiburon Theme  Deep FM
 Three Of Us  Audio Junkies feat. Haptic
 Schmetterlinge Im Bauch (Deep Extended Mix)  7th District feat. Leon Oak
 Mellow Daze  Music P & Marque Aurel
 Lost  Dave mayer
 Movin’On (Extended)  Husky feat. Shyam
 Flying Circus (Borrowed Identity Remix)  Phono D & Le Rubrique
 Sunflower (Original)  Lorenzo Ciampa
 Rolling The Future  Stefano Carpi

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