Tiburón Beach Club Formentera 2018 (2CD)

On Volume 4, Lorenzo al Dino delivers 2 CDs with 25 Tracks. For CD1 “Sunset“ he doesn’t choose a chill lounge starter as usual, but a deep house mix with an uplifting overall performance. “I realized that people have had an overdose of chill lounge music while enjoying our beach club. They really liked to be taken in the dance as soon as possible “, that’s why I should have the courage to change.

RAZAL’s tune – “My Trouble“(Original Mix) is a real underground burner, while Moon Rocket featuring Bel-Ami –“To The Sun“(Moon Mix) is a house track with a strong Little Louie Vega touch. Followed by the live set, Spiritual Soul by “Formentize“ that brings us to the end of this Sunset journey with a deep, vocal and acoustic house.

CD 2 “Sundance“ pushes us into tech house more particularly into techno. The album accelerates step by step including tracks from Just Her & Nanduft. Kieran Fowkes–“Forget Our Love“(Original Mix), a successful newcomer from England with a flamboyant tech house track, same as WhoMadeWho –“Dynasty “ which pops up as a vocal tech house in a forceful Jimi Jules remix. Mattia Pompeo featuring Haptic –“Dismantle“(Just Her Remix) completes the round-up with many others.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Shoreline  Third Attempt
 Right Back (Alvaro Hylander Remix)  Furdak
 What We Feel (Original Mix)  Henrik Villard
 Slack  Nigel Perera
 My Trouble (Original Mix)  Razal
 Two People  Poenitsch & Jakopic
 So Nice (Original Mix)  Lorenzo Al Dino
 To The Sun (Moon Mix)  Moon Rocket ft. Bel-AMi
 Revolve (Moonwatch3r Night Remix)  Boruch
 Sunny Vibes  H. P. Hoeger
 Thug Life (Woki Toki Remix)  S.D.J.
 Formentize (Enea DJ. Ezio Centanni, Abertico Remix)  Spiritual Soul
 Fight For Peace (Original Mix)  Bondi
Title Performer / Composer
 Trizee (Sam Scheme Remix)  William Forest
 Blckout  Nandu
 Forget Our Love (Original Mix)  Just Her & Nandu Ft. Kieran Fowkes
 Fred Is Our Friend (Original Mix)  Kiano & Below Bangkok
 Dynasty (Jimi Jules Remix)  WhoMadeWho
 Dismantle (Just Her Remix)  Mattia Pompeo Ft. Haptic
 DeepFM  Zero7
 Kolodi (Original Mix)  Ramorae
 Mirror Syndrome (Edit Version)  Chris-T / Matu
 Burning Trees (The Florist Remix)  xYnus
 Walking On Water (Massiz Remix)  Street Kid
 Kanu (Schön & Sturm Rmx)  Curtiz Cole & Ausilio Jó

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