Trance Nation Harder (2cd)

Trance Nation Harder has done what was announced: House and Trance from the beginning to the end starting with Dirt Devils featuring Jono Grant’s “Music Is Life” and DJ Dero’s “Revolution 07”, you are sure to have a hard mixture.

If you’re not satisfied, it goes on with DK featuring Jesper Dahlbäck and Thomas Krome’s “Murder Was The Bass” before ending with a full electro house by DJ Uto and Yomanda featuring Kazuhiro “Kaz” Kato and Paul Masterson’s “Got The Chance”.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Music Is Life  Jono Grant  4:45
 Revolution 07  DJ Dero  4:42
 Hot! Hot!! (Love to Heart)  Co-Fusion  3:57
 Frequence  Frequence  4:13
 Are You a Freak?  Mike Robbins  4:32
 Never  Luigi Manfredi  3:57
 X  Massive Lust  4:09
 Gamemaster  Lost Tribe  4:32
 “O” Class  Carlo Resoort  4:37
 Prayer for a God  Darren Tate  4:09
 Voice of an Angel  Matt Darey & Marcella Woods  3:20
 Notre Dame  Hi-Gate  4:09
 3rd Earth  Scott Bond / Solar Stone  4:33
 Simpatico  David Forbes  4:23
 Untitled  Solex  3:41
Journey of Life Push 4:39
Show Me a Sign Kontakt
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Dogzilla  Dogzilla  4:26
 No Regular  Ricky Fobis  4:11
 Satisfaction  The Biz  3:29
 Murder Was the Bass  DK  3:43
 Unus Pro Multi  Robert Natus  3:43
 Deftig (Past, Present, Future)  Y.O.M.C.  3:57
 The World  Dutch Courage  4:03
 Tiptronic  BK & Associates & Dave Randall  4:03
 Pure Devotion  Freeloader  3:43
 The Promiseland  Hypetraxx  3:46
 French Kiss  Yakooza  4:24
 Twilight  AJ Gibson  4:09
 I Feel Free  Eruption  3:59
 Genetic Junk  B’Jammin  4:06
 Brainwashed (Call You)  Tomcraft  3:31
 Sunset  Azure  4:50
 It’s Showtime  VPL  4:24
 Saturday  Nick Lunn  4:29
 Got the Chance  Yomanda vs  DJ Uto  3:58

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