Underwater Episode 2 (2CD)

The first compilation of the second episode in the Underwater series, mixed by  Darren Emerson, includes Paul Jackson’s “The Push” remix version, highlights like the epic techno of Sharam Jey’s “Day After” and the upfront R&B of Tim Deluxe’s “Less Talk More Action.”

The second compilation mixed by the two-man team Mutiny begins with Planets’ “Piano Thing” before showing their true stripes by including soundtracks like Derrick Carter’s “Where U At?,” Sandy Rivera’s “Can’t Stop,” and DJ Sneak’s “Same Old Song”.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Longing Intro  Random House Project  1:59
 The Push  Paul Jackson  5:27
 Shake Your  Sharam Jey  5:12
 Call of the Wild  GusGus  5:57
 Out of My Life  Paul Woolford  7:02
 Whaddup  Tony Senghore  5:23
 Takin’ Hold  Sam Littlemore  5:56
 Day After  Sharam Jey  5:48
 Tribute to Acid House  Wally Lopez  7:49
 Less Talk More Action!  Tim Deluxe  6:55
 Longing  Random House Project  9:57
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Piano Thing  Planets  4:52
 77 Strings  Kurtis Mantronik pres. Chamonix  5:45
 Sleazebag  Reza  4:46
 Jack U  Mutiny  2:51
 Where U At?  Derrick Carter  5:14
 Can’t Stop  Sandy Rivera  5:26
 Same Old Song  DJ Sneak  5:26
 Bootyshake  Afficianados  4:45
 Drums  Mutiny  4:58
 Sex  Robbie Rivera / Billy Paul Williams  7:25
 Life Goes On  Georgie Porgie  5:42
 Down and Under  Kid Crème ft. Shuranko  6:27
 Love’s Got Me Higher  Seven Grand Housing Authority  6:56

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