Undiscovered Ibiza Vol. 3 (1CD)

The third Undiscoverd Ibiza album features soundtracks by selected producers, including Friction, Fenomenon, Oversoul, Misa Criolla, and many others.

Starting with “Altardacer”, DJ Pippi brings us into Ibiza musical ambience in a chill out landscape of downtempo and Latin.


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Title Performer / Composer Time
 Al Atardacer  DJ Pippi  1:36
 Pacific Memories  DJ Pippi feat. Fenomenon  6:39
 Musa’s Night  DJ Pippi  5:24
 Float On  DJ Pippi  4:04
 South Beach  DJ Pippi  5:06
 Wake Up With Me  DJ Pippi feat. Be Noir  6:25
 Way to Alhambra  DJ Pippi feat. Denis Stern  5:34
 Everybody Watching  DJ Pippi feat. Friction  4:35
 Windchime  DJ Pippi feat. Misa Criolla  5:11
 Dreams  DJ Pippi feat. Oversoul  4:52
 Breezin  DJ Pippi feat. Columba Carina  4:40
 Jean Seberg #2  DJ Pippi feat. Vibrazioni Productions  5:49
 21st Century Blues  DJ Pippi  4:41
 Interlude  DJ Pippi  1:27
 Harmless  DJ Pippi feat. Kwanzaa Posse  2:44
 Dans le soleil  DJ Pippi feat. Bluebeats  4:56