Las tardes en Pacha Ibiza 1999 (2CD)

Real House Music! But listen to the Special Akapella featuring Black & White Brothers dub step “Put Your Hands Up” and the disco hit with Diva Surprise featuring Mothafonking’s “On The Top Of The World”. It ends with Undagrounddiscofunk remix underground tribal of CZR featuring Darryl Pandy’s “Bad Enough”.

In the second one, be ready for a rhythmic trance originally released in 1997 “Greece 2000”, the favourite of Three Drives on a Vinyl, and the whole compilation finishes with another 90s featuring Da Hool “Meet Her At The Love Parade”.





Title Performer / Composer
 D-Force  Expanded Force
 Pressure (Extended)  Ultra Naté
 All Or Nothing (Eric Kupper Classic Club)  Shah
 Dancing With You (Full Intention Dub)  Bini & Martini
 Lovestar (Full Vocal Mix)  Groovy 69
 Let Get Serious (Thinkin’ About) (Nerio)  Unconditional
 If You Could Read My Mind (Original Mix)  Stars On 54
 You Should Be… (Blockster Club Mix)  Blockster
 On The Top Of The World (Mothafonking)  Diva Surprise
 High (Prophets Of Sound Outta Space Mix)  Prophets Of Sound
 Put Your Hands Up (Special Akapella)  Black & White Brothers
 Disco Babes From Outer Space (Original)  Babe Instinct
 Bad Enough (Undagrounddiscofunk)  CZR
Title Performer / Composer
 Now (Play Mix)  CYB
 Storm (Original Mix)  Storm
 La Musika Tremenda (Plaxmen House)  Ramirez
 Deep Space  DJ Java
 Dreaming (Percussion Mix)  Arrola
 Underground (Pumpin’ Mix)  Frank ‘O Moiraghi
 Greece 2000  Three Drives On A Vinyl
 Kick Back… Again  Know How
 Enjoy (Ottomix)  Alex Castelli
 1999 (Matt Darey Remix)  Binary Finary
 Meet Her At The Love Parade  Da Hool

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