Meganite Ibiza 2007 (CD+DVD)

Mauro Picotto Live On Tour DVD documents the path of a DJ through his life moments “on the road”. Traveling to the United States, exploring the jungle in South America and exotic places like the Caribbean, Mauro tells the story to entertain you during his set, surrounded by beautiful scenery, fascinating girls and a growing audience in celebration.

The DVD and Extra Videos section contains a collection of international events such as the Love Parade, Mystery Land, Sensation Black, Miami Winter Music Conference, Torino Winter Universiade 2007, Meganite at Privilege in Ibiza.



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Title Performer / Composer
 Atmosphere  Mauro Picotto
 Contaminato  Mauro Picotto
 Evribadi  Mauro Picotto
 Maybe Maybe Not  Mauro Picotto
 Acid Sex  Mauro Picotto
 Gene Nation  Mauro Picotto
 Evribadi  Mauro Picotto
 Ejjoy the Silence  Mauro Picotto
 Poseidon  Mauro Picotto
 Ibiza Angel  Mauro Picotto
 Radio Rental  Mauro Picotto
 Teknone  Mauro Picotto
 Meganite  Mauro Picotto
 3 Months  Mauro Picotto
 Live On Tour
 Maybe, May Be Not

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