Party Hard Ton (1CD)

“Party Hard Ton” has been released on Austrian label Luv Shack Records, and is about the uniting aspects of electronic music and the celebration of the concept of partying. The styles featured on the album are as diverse as the artist involved; ranging from dark acid tunes like “Queer Nation”, “Never Give up” and “Stumbling ft. Jonny Woo“ to playful pop tunes “Right Now ft. Spiller“ and “Cold Sweat ft. Space Echo“.

“Yeah Yeah ft. Moralez & Sames“, “Can You Feel The Love” and “The Way You Rock ft. Mirror People” channel early 80’s Chicago house, whilst “Shine By Night ft. Snuff Crew“, “Style Ga-Galore ft. ROTCIV“ and “Party Hard Ton” have a more jackin’ 90’s vibe. “Happy House” is Hard Ton`s most modern outing and the blissfully reduced “Be My Spell ft. Adriano Canzian”, a twisted ballad, is perhaps the most intimate track on the release.

Hard Ton appeared on the scene in 2009 and have since released music on labels like Dissident, Compost, Permanent Vacation, Gigolo, Internasjonal, Bordello A Parigi and many more. Their playful excursions into acid and classic vocal house have found them plenty of followers and friends, many of whom are now united on “Party Hard Ton”.





 Party Hard Core
 Queer Nation
 Yeah Yeah feat. Moralez & Sames
 Happy House
 The Way You Rock feat. Mirror People
 Right Now feat. Spiller
 Party Hard Ton
 Can You Feel The Love
 Style Ga – Galore feat. ROTCIV
 Be My Spell feat. Adriano Canzian
 Stumbling feat. Jonny Woo
 Shine By Night feat. Snuff Crew
 Cold Sweat feat. Space Echo
 Tessio (CD Ghost Track)

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