Rompe corazones (1cd)

Guti offers us a variety of styles including jazz, soft house, easy listening song and blues, coming from his journey in South America some years ago. The title translates as “heart-breaker,” and the producer himself describes the record as a collection of “musical bedtime stories.”

“I have so many things to say about what has happened in the last five years. I gave my heart to each song, so the album is statement of who I am and what’s inside my heart: it’s my way of staying true to myself, my story, my background.”   Guti

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Title Performer / Composer
 To My Latest Love  Guti
 Bed Time Stories  Guti
 Magia  Guti
 La Salida  Guti
 El Solitario  Guti
 Desesperado  Guti
 Rain  Guti
 We Love You  Guti
 Hurt  Guti
 Rompe Corazones  Guti
 Used To Be Like This  Guti
 Desidia  Guti

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