Privilege Ibiza

Privilege Ibiza

Situated just off the roundabout on the way to San Rafael, the nightclub that was once known as Ku, the name of the Hawaii great god has long been termed by the Guinness Book of Records “The world’s largest nightclub”. With its VIP chic, fabulous restaurant of old and indoor swimming pool is still bringing light to many but is now known to all who worship the DJ’s, artists and performers.

Like most respected Ibizan night spots with a culture of high fashion, hedonism and excess, Privilege was and continues to be known as a playground of the rich and famous.

Creatively, Privilege has always been a place where legends are born. Brasilio de Oliviera (founder of La Troya) created flamboyant themed fiestas like White Full Moon, Babylonia, Hell, Prison and celebrations of the four elements, and inspirational lands like Goa and Africa at KU during the 80’s…

For 14 years, Privilege hosted the Manumission’s. After its legendary departure, the unforgettable and insanely popular Supermartxe took the lead and have since kept their special blend of decadent dancing at the top of the clubber’s polls.

The iconic Coco Loco room is a hidden gem with an impressive 360 view of the countryside that surrounds Privilege and Ibiza town in the background. Coco Loco housed the underground parties, djs and sunrise, sunglasses mandatory sessions that have long been permanent fixtures in the Ibizan summer social diary. Much like the Privilege main room, it is a space that is not afraid of change or of pushing forward into new uncharted territories.

The energy in the Vista Club is very special indeed with its fresh outlook, fantastic new line ups, spanking new residents and crisp, new styles. The Vista Club is the place that you will have no problem calling home in 2013.

Paulette, Ibiza 2013