Amnesia Ibiza 2016 (3CD)

Amnesia Ibiza 2016 is a compilation of 32 soundtracks on 3 CDs, disc one mixed by Mar-T features Moderat who starts the dance with NGHT DRPS Remix ‘Eating Hooks’ and house goes on until Isaac Tichauer closes it with Bicep Rampa Headsup ‘Higher Level’; and disc 2 mixed by Hector Couto features highlights as ‘Bonafide’ by Audiojack, ‘Got It’ by Vidal Rodriguez and Get Up by Arado; while disc 3 mixed by Betook features Arjuna Schiks ‘Ankara Blancah Remix’, David Granha ‘Second Rising’ and Human Machine ‘146’ to end this selection with ‘Defiled’ by Rampa.





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Eating Hooks (NGHT DRPS Remix)  Moderat  5:15
 Star Butchers (Darling Edit)  Awanto 3  7:35
 Interstellar Substance  Stereociti  6:34
 Lullaby  Shadow Child  6:48
 Endless Night (Filburt Remix)  Braunbeck  5:52
 Melbs  Vincenzo & Mic Newman  7:07
 Bubbles Time  Luca Donzelli & Mar-T  5:00
 Out of Moves (Kastis Torrau Remix)  Escenda  7:32
 Always on My Mind  Serge Devant  7:23
 Runaway  Brett Johnson & Mikey V 10:08
 Skyn  Ian O´Donovan  7:21
 Higher Level (Bicep Remix)  Isaac Tichauer  6:04
 Headsup  Rampa  5:11
Title Performer / Composer Time
Do You Dance Now  David Keno & Smalltown Collective  6:53
Caronte  Jose Armas  7:19
Bonafide  Audiojack  6:55
Underrated (feat. Forrest) [Davide Squillace Remix]  Raw District  6:46
Got It  Vidal Rodriguez  6:28
Music Is Therapy  DJ T.  7:15
Dope  Butch  8:29
So Good  Richy Ahmed  6:45
Get Up  Arado  6:27
Get It On  Hector Couto  6:34
In Your Hands (Mathias Kaden’s Lost in Time Remix)  Mar-T & Luca Donzelli  6:42
Yo  Purple Disco Machine  7:28
Old Roots  Hector Couto  6:22
Can You Feel Sunshine  Riva Starr  8:03
Title Performer / Composer Time
 Ankaa (Blancah Remix)  Arjuna Schiks  9:30
 Second Rising  David Granha  8:18
 Secrets (feat. Mlnd)  Sascha Braemer  7:06
 146  Human Machine  7:23
 Solarium  Betoko  9:51
 Velcoro  Nils Penner 10:37
 Son  Krôm  6:18
 Foreverness  Betoko  9:15
 Root It Out  Alexander Koning & Ed Dejon  7:30
 Transition  Warm Hall  7:48
 Defiled  Rampa  7:21

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